Rites of Passage…1

A giraffe in a pothole!
This pic depicts my life as I am propelled toward the future but am looking back at my past. Stuck in between two phases, youth on the left and God forbid, old age on the other side.

Today I decided to branch off on a more delicate topic. Currently or maybe since the dawn of time, aging, especially that of women have not been a favorite, anticipatory or much-discussed topic.

But this has been on my mind and I have been cerebrating on this for some time.

I am constanly being prompted to write about menopause, and I thought of creating a separate blog dedicated to the joys, pains and ultimately the blessings of aging.

Let me preface this by saying, I am certainly grateful to be alive and wish to live to a ripe old age, matter of fact I have spoken over my life that I will have a long healthy life in Jesus name and bow out in a due season.

This series will be based on my “humanness” so bear with me as I try to approach this phase with some laughter as well as tears. I have decided to be very vulnerable in this series, so be a little gentle with me.

The other alternative to aging is not one we chomp-at-the-bit to reflect upon. As the connotations are not welcomed by the masses.

I Have Seen Younger Days

I would like to take this time to reflect on and be grateful for things past, but we must trudge onward no matter the tide.

Now that I have reached the middle of the road and have recently been placed on this path, I feel compelled to say a few things on the issue I wish I had been privy to.

I thank God for every moment of this journey thus far, and per His direction each intersection was pre-planned and a necessary requirement of the trip, lol.

The road to growing old is filled with what appears to be, at least from my vantage point, lots of bumps and even a few potholes along the way.

Image result for free images of potholes in the road
pic; cleanpng.com

Many, no most days I feel like the image here, not sure when or how this came to be? Why am I in this hole from which I am unable to emerge?

When I look in the mirror there is this person with whom I ‘m not familiar looking back at me.

The Changing Tides

Where is Pene’ I ask, who is this creature with a vague resemblace to her that I see here, surely this cannnot be her?

I often feel the urge to lay on the floor and have a tantrum as I am in unchartered waters and feel like I am barely threading to stay afloat. And to add insult to injury I cannot swim.

I remember when I was young my mother would be fanning herself, standing in front of the refrigerator and doing all these things that I thought were so odd.

I had asked her several times, what on earth is the matter, why are you doing these things, but she never really gave me an answer.

Image result for free images of older women hot from menopause
Pic: mirror.co.uk

Back in Guyana, we have an old adage that says; ‘piglet asked, “mommy why is your mouth so long? The mother just smiled and said, oh son your time is coming’.

So here we are, a few years ago I was sitting at work one day and I felt this ‘furnace’ rise from within. I dismissed it as I had alwas been a person who is always hot and usually dripping sweat during the summer months.

The same scenario repeated itself a few times beore the lightbulb went off! Oh dear God! could this be? No, surely not! I’m still too young my mind wailed!

Image of crying emojis
Image result for free images of older women hot from menopause
pic: mesupport.co.uk

This picture is exactly what that fire feels like, you are burning up from the inside out.

Acceptance…Or Something Like It

And so it came to be that I had begun the next phase of my journey, albeit without any input from me at all (sigh).

I was being taken along for the ride and could not get off the train as it barrelled toward the unwanted destination.

Now Your Input Please

Please engage, those who are about to enter, have entered, at the end of and survived with sanity. Let us not remain silent so that other women do not enter into this phase of life with a little more practical information.

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I am a lover of God, most things from nature, (not worms or snakes) and photography. I love dancing, music, reading, learning new things. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I am a Registered (Emergency Room) Nurse by profession. The intent behind this blog is to share tips on how we can become healthier and better versions of ourselves as we journey life's road together. I write about my life experiences, health, childhood lessons, my relationship with God and man and heed the promptings of the Holy Spirit. So let us journey alongside each other. "Keep good company, read good books, love good things and cultivate soul and body as faithfully as you can" ~ Louisa May Alcott.

31 thoughts on “Rites of Passage…1

  1. I do not have wisdom to offer, but to me what happened one day was funny. My two granddaughters were here, ages 5 and 4, and I stood in the kitchen. As they came around the corner toward me, I was having one of those flashes, so I whipped my (very loose – this helps) sweater off and blurted out: “First I’m cold, then all of a sudden I’m hot! Does this happen to you?” They both looked at me with a deadpan expression (maybe a little puzzled) and said in a flat voice, “No.” I cracked up! Every time after that when I felt that heat come on, I would remember their word (singular) and their faces and I would smile. Maybe a little humor helped me get through it.


  2. My doctor said, โ€œAfter awhile, the hot flashes will burn out.โ€ ๐Ÿ˜… At the time, I thought what he said was funny! Well, itโ€™s true, too!๐Ÿ˜‚


    1. Good to know, although a few persons have said they could last very many years. That’s the worse symptom for me, the heat plus the heat in Texas, lol


  3. We are at the corner Watching, you said we should not talk,am absolutely observing with keen interest the comments rolling in from our senior citizens.
    God bless our mothers, age with Grace. Thanks that you are sharing this, it’s wonderful being around you here.


  4. No wisdom to share, but I am keen to hear more from you. Love your Guyanese saying. I am Vincentian and I’m sure I’ve heard mama said this before. Thanks for sharing


    1. Thanks for reading. You know the grandparents spoke almost entirely in parables.
      I look forward to hearing others’ points of view on this issue, as in my immediate family tgey were brought up in a time when speaking in things were frowned upon, do even though the aunts are relatively close in age to myself, they maintain the vow of silence.


  5. The joys of Menopause: I donโ€™t like to think before I speak. I like to be just as surprised as everyone else by what comes out of my hot flashing, mood swimming, memory losing mouth! -unknown

    Not wise perhaps, but just roll with the punches ๐Ÿ˜Š I suppose that is wise too.


    1. I was very shy as a young girl, then I moved to Brooklyn and had to become a little bolder to survive. Now in the throes of the “the changing” I have realized I’ve become a lot more free with my words. Didn’t realize that it could happen as a result of the change also. But yes, the insomnia, lack of concentration and just not feeling like yourself is very disconcerting.
      Thanks for sharing.


  6. My experience with menopause was a little different than most. I experienced severe PMS for many years with extreme physical and emotional symptoms. I heard older women talk about how bad menopause is and and dreaded it, not even imagining how anything could be any worse. But for me menopause was a blessed relief. Everything kind of calmed down and balanced out. I know this is not typical, I just wanted women who may be experiencing something different than what we have come to expect from menopause that there is “no one size fits all” when it comes to “the change.”


    1. Thanks for reading. Just edited some errors, lol. Typed it quickly from work.
      But great to know that there are different experiences out there. I suppose it’s inly fair that if the beginning stage was rough the end be a little smoother.
      I had a fairly smooth sailing throughout childbearing years but have hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating) so I was hoping for the reverse, but not so. That’s my worse symptom by far.


  7. I can only say that when I first started experiencing hot flashes I was literally shocked that one can become that hot and still survive. Thank you for this post. You have opened up a path for conversation. Be blessed


    1. I would really love to do a series/group on this. Discussions and info sharing for each other. Still trying to work out how I can do this, God has been placing this on me to write about.


  8. I think we just have to keep working out , eating healthy and drinking lots of water. The hot flashes were difficult but we get through them. For me in many ways aging is freeing. I say exactly what I want to say. I donโ€™t overthink so many things anymore and I am grateful that God takes good care of me. We are suppose to embrace the good with the bad. It will likely get better for you. Love ๐Ÿ’• you bunches Joni


    1. Oh Joni, the belly pouch is quite distressing, the less I eat, seems the more I accumulate….I feel like the puffer fish…lol
      Thanks for the chin up Joni, I really appreciate you. Lots of love.


      1. I found out gluten was causing me to swell up. Have you eliminated that in your diet to see if it helps. It made all the difference for me. I get the puffer fish feeling not fun. Great post something more women should talk about so hats off to you my friend. Love and hugs. Joni


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