Daylight Savings Time

Startled awake by my alarm. I reluctantly attempt to disentangle myself from the murky depths far beyond wakefulness. Through sleep-glazed eyes I hit what I hope is the snooze button on my phone, could be the home button, I do not care. Anything just makes this screeching stop! Sigh! I blissfully returned to the depthsContinue reading “Daylight Savings Time”

Winter Has Come…

Good morning blogland. This is the current situation in my neck of the woods. Ugghhh!! I love the cold weather, it’s usually one of my favourite seasons. Winter generally makes a gradual appearance. Gives a body time to adjust. But not this year, it showed up like a roaring lion and is showing out forContinue reading “Winter Has Come…”

The Little Things We Find Pleasure in…(2)

So this is a follow up to one of my earlier posts about our pear tree and its fruits. Today my mother and I went over to the house (we no longer occupy the premises, but still own it) and picked the last of its fruits. We, well mostly me, had been eating the pearsContinue reading “The Little Things We Find Pleasure in…(2)”