Time Marches On

Today I took my 16-year old daughter to the Department of Public Safety to obtain her learners permit. I am happy for her. She is so excited to grow up and drive off both literally and figurately. I am sad for me. Sad because she is growing up, eager to leave and spread her wings.Continue reading “Time Marches On”

Smoking Hot…!

Recently the dangers associated with the use of vaping, e-cigarettes, pens, or Juuls (pronounced jewels) have been highlighted with an injury of some 530 persons across 38 US States and territories. Is reported that seven (7) persons have lost their lives resulting from the use of inhaled substances. According to the Centers for Disease ControlContinue reading “Smoking Hot…!”

Memories of New York

Things lost in relocation — A nostalgic look back! I arrived in N.Y. from South America several decades ago. It was a February day, cold and snowing. Matter of fact my trip began in the Caribbean island of Antigua and I recall the coldness that permeated the aircraft as we entered the northern hemisphere. WeContinue reading “Memories of New York”

New York — A City Like No Other

Yalani Yesterday my daughter and I were walking down an avenue in Brooklyn just doing a little “mild” shopping. My daughter was born in New York, in Manhattan, but we moved to Texas when she was five years old. She missed out on the big apple experience. As such she has not had many ofContinue reading “New York — A City Like No Other”

Should They Be Circumcised?

Surgical snipping without consent I began in a place that’s relatively old world style. Growing up my world was patriarchal … that never sat well with me. Even as a child I did not like the idea of “needing” a man’s permission for my life. I have always harbored the mindset that we are equal. TheContinue reading “Should They Be Circumcised?”