Gout: Manage Your Symptoms

0 I have two dear friends who suffer from gout. I have seen their pain.  Sometimes it occurs as a result of eating foods that trigger the inflammatory process. Often flare-ups seem to occur for no particular reason. One thing is certain — their suffering is real! What is Gout Gout is loosely considered anotherContinue reading “Gout: Manage Your Symptoms”

How Are You Coping My Friends?

This week has been difficult. I somehow feel weighed down by all that is happening in the world. I really don’t understand why we just can’t be kind…! Yesterday after work, I sat in my backyard and the sunset was so beautiful I just had to record it. Look at this magnificent array of colors.Continue reading “How Are You Coping My Friends?”

Update: COVID-19 Hits Home

Good day my dears. Hope we are all staying safe during this time. I wanted to touch base with the sad news that Gee’s brother passed away while on the ventilator 2 mornings ago. So so sad, he was healthy, no medical issues at all. Yet he succumbed to this awful disease. His sister wasContinue reading “Update: COVID-19 Hits Home”