Do We Choose Love? or Does Love Chose Us?

Accident or design Did you choose love or did love choose you? I think that love chooses us. We meet many people in the course of a day and over a lifetime. All of it by design. Sometimes there is a temporary exchange and then we each go our merry way and in an instant thatContinue reading “Do We Choose Love? or Does Love Chose Us?”

Hand Sanitizing –Is It Safe?

A look at hand sanitizers and what it may mean for your health Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash My patient once told me he could easily identify nurses — they have worn-looking hands and tired feet! That was an eye opening moment for me, I realized his statement rang true. My hands were looking a bit worn.Continue reading “Hand Sanitizing –Is It Safe?”

Safe-guard Your Tongue

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash How the effects of everyday habits impacts our health! Life has many pleasures, some are good for us and some not so much. At every turn we are faced with making many decisions. We are constantly bombarded with what to eat, what to drink and so on. Growing up inContinue reading “Safe-guard Your Tongue”