Good Morning

Today I was reluctant to get out of bed. Since my father passed away some two weeks or so ago I have not been sleeping very well. Each night I wake up and remain so for several hours. My mind races with the regret of what could have been. Alas, God is the master planner.Continue reading “Good Morning”

Memories of New York

Things lost in relocation — A nostalgic look back! I arrived in N.Y. from South America several decades ago. It was a February day, cold and snowing. Matter of fact my trip began in the Caribbean island of Antigua and I recall the coldness that permeated the aircraft as we entered the northern hemisphere. WeContinue reading “Memories of New York”

Happy Mothers’ Day

A Tribute To Mothers Mother: According to the Merriam-Webster’s dictionary, mother means: to give birth to. That definition is inadequate. A mother is a woman of substance, integrity and morals filled with all the love in the world.  Mother: she embarks on a journey without understanding that she will never again be whole. She travelsContinue reading “Happy Mothers’ Day”