Actress Anne Heche “Not Expected to Survive”!

We just never know when the journey will end, yet we go about our lives as if we will live forever When Life suddenly ends Per CBS news actress Ann Heche is not expected to survive. This news coming on the heels of the recent loss of singer and actress Olivia Newton-John feels like aContinue reading “Actress Anne Heche “Not Expected to Survive”!”

Do We Choose Love? or Does Love Chose Us?

Accident or design Did you choose love or did love choose you? I think that love chooses us. We meet many people in the course of a day and over a lifetime. All of it by design. Sometimes there is a temporary exchange and then we each go our merry way and in an instant thatContinue reading “Do We Choose Love? or Does Love Chose Us?”

Glimpses Of Heaven In Our Periphery

Photo by Ali Maah on Unsplash My friend’s story of love, loss, hope, and faith. About three days ago I was speaking with a friend of mine. Sadly I had not spoken with her for several months. I think of calling her sometimes, but life always seems to intervene. So finally she called me, I wasContinue reading “Glimpses Of Heaven In Our Periphery”

Season’s Change

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to note on my drive to work that the world had gotten lighter while I was busy. Suddenly it’s so bright. This change where the light surreptitiously banishes the darkness and suddenly… behold the light! Spring, a time of renewal, growth and good and pleasant changes… Enough of this cold,Continue reading “Season’s Change”