Dancing — A Love with Health Benefits

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash I love to dance! I also love music. One cannot separate the two, for you really cannot have one without the other. If only I could be sixteen again, If I had a change to choose a path once more, I would choose my one true love, I would choose to dance.Continue reading “Dancing — A Love with Health Benefits”

Stress: Coping in Difficult Times

Stress may come as a result of mental or emotional pressures. Life can feel overwhelming at times for each and everyone of us.

It begins with a real or perceived demand placed on your brain or physical body. We may also feel stressed when multiple competing demands are placed on us.

We are faced with an unpleasant stimuli and we feel incapable of holding the reigns. We try valiantly to hang on but may become unable to and just let go, retreating into ourselves.