Seeing You From the Inside Out

The longer I live, the more beauty I see I must say that I was kind of shallow when I was younger. I come from a culture where some shallowness is practiced. By that, I mean that you were treated well based on the amount of melanin you possessed, the texture and length of your hair,Continue reading “Seeing You From the Inside Out”

A Time For Everything Under The Sun

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash “Home is where our story begins…” — author unknown Faded dreams –Remnants of a life once lived Whenever I pass an old broken dilapidated home, I become pensive. I wonder about the people who once lived there. I wonder about their hopes, their dreams, their aspirations. I think about how excited they mustContinue reading “A Time For Everything Under The Sun”

Reflections of Times Past!

As this year, this decade comes to its conclusion, many things in my life follow suit. I am forever grateful that our God has preserved my life in the land of the living. When I was young I was tethered, quite firmly in the valley of the shadow of death. But God through whom allContinue reading “Reflections of Times Past!”