At My Grandmother’s Table

The kitchen table When I think of the word food, it evokes liquid memories of love. Memories of wonderful days with my sister and my cousins at grandma’s house. Food represented love. Each Saturday my grandmother would prepare to bake fresh bread, pastries, and other treats. I, along with my sister and cousins would gatherContinue reading “At My Grandmother’s Table”

The Importance of Trying New Things

I was told not to eat mushrooms I remember gazing upon these soft umbrella like plants nestled upon a rotting log in the front corner of our yard. They boasted differing colors, shapes and sizes. They seemed to appear on damp days, after a night of heavy rains this strange plant would appear. To aContinue reading “The Importance of Trying New Things”

Beer Battered Chicken Strips

Back in early April before our lives got turned upside down. My Gee was always the chef du jour, and not for just that day either. We were home deciding what to cook for dinner and finally settled on was Gee’s Beer Battered Chicken. In our current climate we are trying to raid the refrigeratorContinue reading “Beer Battered Chicken Strips”

Home Grown — A Wall of Soil

Yesterday my mom and I went to Lowe’s Hardware Store to stock up on our plant food and I was amazed and pleased to see this wall of soil. It seems a lot of folks are planting and the demand for plants and planting items have drastically increased. I have been seeking some onion plantsContinue reading “Home Grown — A Wall of Soil”

Okra — Benefits

Okra – originated in Ethiopia and scientifically known as Abelmoschus esculentus.  From Ethiopia, okra had journeyed to North Africa, the Mediterranean, Arabia and India all by the 12th century. A hardy plant, okra can be cultivated almost anywhere. This vegetable is known as gumbo in America, lady’s finger in England, guino-gombo in Spanish, guibeiro inContinue reading “Okra — Benefits”

Gardening: Swiss Chard

  The leaves are so green.   Look at these growing beauties, makes you feel healthier already. Lol The leaves took a beating during the storms. These are all edible plants, tomato on the left, the swiss chard, ochro in the black pot, the one with the red pigmentation is also an edible spinach. TheContinue reading “Gardening: Swiss Chard”

Fish Cakes – Easy Home Style

How to make fish cakes: You will need: 1 pound boneless fish. 2 cloves garlic 1 medium onion 1 sweet pepper 2 medium potatoes 2 slices bread soaked in milk 1/2 teaspoon salt (to your taste) 2 eggs Directions: Blend onion, garlic and sweet pepper in food processor. Steam fish and allow to cool. SeparateContinue reading “Fish Cakes – Easy Home Style”

Aunty’s Chick Pea & Sweet Potato Dinner

Everyone wants to be healthy. Especially now that we are social distancing and may be visiting the refrigerator and the couch way too many times. My Aunt sent this picture of her dinner a few nights ago. In an effort to maintain middle-aged weight and be healthy, this is “food for our soul”. This promptedContinue reading “Aunty’s Chick Pea & Sweet Potato Dinner”

What I Cooked Today

Well my dears,  today I am off work. I have been researching the benefits of turmeric for a post. My mom and I had been using turmeric for over several years now for its anti-inflammatory properties. She makes a drink of turmeric, ginger, lemon and honey. We have been consistently drinking this concoction, especially sinceContinue reading “What I Cooked Today”