7 Reasons To Donate Blood


Update on How I am Doing

Thank you All for your Prayers and Well Wishes!!! My friends, I remain in quarantine and I can say that truly God is a good God. Even though I was well aware that I could become infected with COVID, due to the nature of the path I chose,  I thought I was taking all theContinue reading “Update on How I am Doing”

COVID-19 Rises Again!

Are the up-rise in numbers due to early re-openings? COVID-19 came at us out of left field and threw us the biggest curve-ball of our lifetime. Our governors followed the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations and issued the stay-at-home mandates along with the calls to social distance. ManyContinue reading “COVID-19 Rises Again!”

Social Distancing Reaches New Heights!

While I do see that we are losing some autonomy, I submit to the policies freely at this time as the needs of the many should always outweigh the needs of the few. We must submit to these policies so that we can keep COVID-19 at bay as much as possible and a hope to return to normalcy as soon as possible. We must remain cognizant of the sacrifices of frontliners and their families in the fight against this evil and do ALL must do our part to horor their bravery and sacrifice.

Vitamin D & Immunity

  Vitamin D has in recent times come under greater scrutiny for its role in immunity.    And it appears that the role has even greater connotations that previously thought. According to peer-reviewed published articles of US NAtional Library of Medicine, without vitamin D we are at an increased risk of developing a host ofContinue reading “Vitamin D & Immunity”

Are We Losing Our Freedom?

Our Post-Pandemic Normal Are you feeling like you are losing control? Losing control of your life, your health, your ability to make your own decisions, of your family’s freedoms? The new decade of 2020 roared in existence filled with promise. I, like everyone else waited with bated breath for its arrival. So arrive it did,Continue reading “Are We Losing Our Freedom?”

All, especially Black People Please Read & Share, YOUR life may depend on it!

I did some research as I wanted to be able to share with you this Doctor’s credentials. Dr. A. Oussama Rifai is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) in the specialty of Internal Medicine and the sub specialty of Nephrology. Dr. A. Oussama Rifai is also a designated Specialist in Clinical Hypertension by the American Society of Hypertension. Click the link forContinue reading “All, especially Black People Please Read & Share, YOUR life may depend on it!”

A Bronx Tiger COVID-19 Positive

A non-domestic animal as reported by the National Geographic, a Malaysian tiger named Nadia in the Bronx Zoo has tested positive for the COVID-19. This is the first case of its kind in the world of the non-domestic host. Apparently the four-year old Nadia developed a dry cough in late March and finally tested onContinue reading “A Bronx Tiger COVID-19 Positive”

Sinister?! … Your Thoughts…

Could this be a sinister plot to undermine the world economy?

To put us/our children behind academically, financially? To kill of the elderly and others members of humankind?
Why was this evil not contained within China’s borders but allowed to go free… infecting everywhere they deemed necessary.

Now China stands to profit by making medical supplies significantly marked-up instead of helping supply AID for the ills that originated on their shores.