Seeing You From the Inside Out

The longer I live, the more beauty I see I must say that I was kind of shallow when I was younger. I come from a culture where some shallowness is practiced. By that, I mean that you were treated well based on the amount of melanin you possessed, the texture and length of your hair,Continue reading “Seeing You From the Inside Out”

Poem - The House By the Side of the Road

The House by the Side of a Road  (1890–1911) by Sam Walter Foss There are hermit souls that live withdrawn In the place of their self-content; There are souls like stars, that dwell apart, In a fellowless firmament; There are pioneer souls that blaze the paths Where highways never ran —  But let me live by theContinue reading “Poem - The House By the Side of the Road”

The Unmistakable Beauty Of Nature

In response to Cee’s Flower of the day challenge I love photography. I cannot resist a beautiful flower. I am especially enamored with the natural beauty of God’s world. I hope you enjoy it! ************* So I am currently fully vaccinated. With the first dose, I felt like I had a watered-down version of COVIDContinue reading “The Unmistakable Beauty Of Nature”