Social Distancing Reaches New Heights!

While I do see that we are losing some autonomy, I submit to the policies freely at this time as the needs of the many should always outweigh the needs of the few. We must submit to these policies so that we can keep COVID-19 at bay as much as possible and a hope to return to normalcy as soon as possible. We must remain cognizant of the sacrifices of frontliners and their families in the fight against this evil and do ALL must do our part to horor their bravery and sacrifice.

Alzheimer’s Disease–The Long Goodbye

While there is believed to be a genetic component which would predispose someone to the risk of Alzheimer’s, awareness, early planning, mental exercise, and smart dietary choices may aid to reduce your likelihood of developing this mysterious and debilitating disease.
Alzheimer’s Disease
A healthy mind and a healthy body now will make for a healthy mind and body later.

Dancing — A Love with Health Benefits

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash I love to dance! I also love music. One cannot separate the two, for you really cannot have one without the other. If only I could be sixteen again, If I had a change to choose a path once more, I would choose my one true love, I would choose to dance.Continue reading “Dancing — A Love with Health Benefits”

Home Grown — A Wall of Soil

Yesterday my mom and I went to Lowe’s Hardware Store to stock up on our plant food and I was amazed and pleased to see this wall of soil. It seems a lot of folks are planting and the demand for plants and planting items have drastically increased. I have been seeking some onion plantsContinue reading “Home Grown — A Wall of Soil”

Vitamin D & Immunity

  Vitamin D has in recent times come under greater scrutiny for its role in immunity.    And it appears that the role has even greater connotations that previously thought. According to peer-reviewed published articles of US NAtional Library of Medicine, without vitamin D we are at an increased risk of developing a host ofContinue reading “Vitamin D & Immunity”

All, especially Black People Please Read & Share, YOUR life may depend on it!

I did some research as I wanted to be able to share with you this Doctor’s credentials. Dr. A. Oussama Rifai is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) in the specialty of Internal Medicine and the sub specialty of Nephrology. Dr. A. Oussama Rifai is also a designated Specialist in Clinical Hypertension by the American Society of Hypertension. Click the link forContinue reading “All, especially Black People Please Read & Share, YOUR life may depend on it!”

Help for Allergies — Allergena

It seems winter has finally gone and the sunshine is here to stay. The trees are in bloom and the earth is bursting with renewal. This sunshine and rebirth unfortunately brings its own set of troubles and seasonal allergies are often the first unwelcome passengers to alight. According to the American Academy of Allergy AsthmaContinue reading “Help for Allergies — Allergena”

Black Seed Oil — Uses & Benefits

Black seed oil aka Nigella Sativa is an annual flowering plant. This plant appears to be a native of Asia, Africa and the Mediterranean. Among its many uses are cooking as a aromatic spice as well as medicinal purposes.
Allergic rhinitis is an inflammatory response of the airway and skin to natural allergens which can be manifested by sneezing, rhinorrhea (runny nose), nasal congestion, sinus pressure, headache, and scratching/itching.

9 Reasons To Use Coconut Oil

Introduction: Coconut oil. It was a staple in my household back in my birth country Guyana, indeed in most of South America, palm trees are as perennial as the air we breathe. Every yard boasts coconut trees and almost everyone, uses coconut. Fresh coconut oil was the most used oil of that day. That isContinue reading “9 Reasons To Use Coconut Oil”