Snowy Saturday

      The Frosty beat goes on… Good morning my friends in WP land. It is another blustery day in our usually warm southern parts. It is a cold 17 degrees this morning. The precipitation instantly freezes to become the deadly black ice. Travel is slow and quite dangerous. Texans are not accustomed toContinue reading “Snowy Saturday”

Growing Yams by Propagation

This project of growing yams began on June 11, 2020. Gee loves yams, and though it is not a favorite of mine I wanted to try growing some for him. I cut the yams into the pieces you see above then coated the cut sides with the ashes. The ashes helps to prevent bugs fromContinue reading “Growing Yams by Propagation”

Home Grown — A Wall of Soil

Yesterday my mom and I went to Lowe’s Hardware Store to stock up on our plant food and I was amazed and pleased to see this wall of soil. It seems a lot of folks are planting and the demand for plants and planting items have drastically increased. I have been seeking some onion plantsContinue reading “Home Grown — A Wall of Soil”

Okra — Benefits

Okra – originated in Ethiopia and scientifically known as Abelmoschus esculentus.  From Ethiopia, okra had journeyed to North Africa, the Mediterranean, Arabia and India all by the 12th century. A hardy plant, okra can be cultivated almost anywhere. This vegetable is known as gumbo in America, lady’s finger in England, guino-gombo in Spanish, guibeiro inContinue reading “Okra — Benefits”