Snowy Saturday

      The Frosty beat goes on… Good morning my friends in WP land. It is another blustery day in our usually warm southern parts. It is a cold 17 degrees this morning. The precipitation instantly freezes to become the deadly black ice. Travel is slow and quite dangerous. Texans are not accustomed toContinue reading “Snowy Saturday”

Memories of New York

Things lost in relocation — A nostalgic look back! I arrived in N.Y. from South America several decades ago. It was a February day, cold and snowing. Matter of fact my trip began in the Caribbean island of Antigua and I recall the coldness that permeated the aircraft as we entered the northern hemisphere. WeContinue reading “Memories of New York”

Author’s Recognition Award

It is my absolute pleasure to accept this nomination for “Author’s Recognition Award”. I was very happy to receive this nomination from Beverly of! Purpose of the Award (Background) This Award was created by Beverley at┬áBecoming the Oil and the Wine Blog┬áto support fellow bloggers who have written and published books or who areContinue reading “Author’s Recognition Award”