Actress Anne Heche “Not Expected to Survive”!

We just never know when the journey will end, yet we go about our lives as if we will live forever

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When Life suddenly ends

Per CBS news actress Ann Heche is not expected to survive.

This news coming on the heels of the recent loss of singer and actress Olivia Newton-John feels like a double blow.

Though I am not a starry-eyed celebrity watcher, these are the stars I grew up watching and it makes me take stock of this journey we call life.

We have all heard of the fiery car crash that left actress Anne Heche in a coma this past week, the homeowner and her dogs without a home but thankfully alive.

As reported by NBC News, the case is being investigated as a felony DUI traffic collision.

In recent reports, it seems the decision to remove her from life support has already been made. As reported by CBS News, the actress has always wanted to donate her organs and is being kept on a ventilator for that purpose.

That suggests that she has already made her departure from this side of life.

My condolences to her family.

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Tomorrow was never promised to us

We leave our homes to go about our everyday lives, we cavalierly say ‘bye’ with the complete confidence and expectation of returning home to our loved ones.

But we never know, do we?

Most of us get no warning of a ‘dead end’ up ahead.

We never recognize the road has ended only once we get there.

Tomorrow has never been promised to us.

It must be something encoded into our DNA that allows us to mostly live with our heads in the clouds, as a manner of speaking. We act as if we will live forever.

I’m sure actress Ann Heche left to go about her life with clear expectations of returning home to her children.

I know I keep my head lifted towards the heavens.

In recent years, so much has happened, and so many people are no more as a result of natural disasters. COVID, mudslides, floods, war, drought. There are so many variables that make our lives uncertain.

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Lest we forget

Like you, I also live life with the expectation of forever.

Even as I watch the tracks left on my face from life, I continue to hope and pray that I will live on.

Unfortunately, that is a vain hope as you and I hear the constant list of those who have left the planet.

From the very young to the very old, no one is exempt.

I love it when life shakes me and I wake up and remember to be grateful. There have been many times when my life has been in peril.

Today I am grateful for so much. I have been home with my children going on my fourth month and I am not pulling my hair out nor scratching in the dirt to live — that evokes gratitude.

Let us live our lives mindfully.

I don’t remind you to focus on the morbid, but as a soft reminder to live your life in peace and love.

Remember to appreciate those with whom you share your hearts, homes, and world. Tell them how much you love and appreciate them today.

Tomorrow is not promised, live your life today!

Live your life mindfully.

Choose to be kind.

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  1. Reminders of our mortality, though sad, help us to stay focused on what’s important in life! Blessings to you!

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