By The Sweat of Thy Brow Thou Shall Eat Bread

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If your brow is dry, then your belly had better be rumbling

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Genesis 3:19, KJV: “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground…”

One biblical recommendation is that adult humans should earn their keep.

The world is drastically changing and perhaps not all for the better.

The above quote is a favorite one my sister uses a lot.

Many able-bodied adults are choosing not to be employed. This decision is based on any number of personal principles.

I generally do not let it bother me though I find the practice perplexing.

For instance, whenever we travel back to our birth country it is generally a fun time. Among the merrymakers are a few of the guys we grew up with.

They have never really had a job according to my memory. The same principles apply to some females too.

Generationally females having been in the role of primary caretakers were a smaller part of the workforce.

That has been changing for a long time, but some seem to be stuck in the dark ages where matters of exchanging labor for cash are concerned.

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Men seeking “caregivers”

Though my grandmother was born in 1924, where life was different, she worked hard alongside her farmer husband.

She made sure all her children received an education and by the time we were born, we knew we had to be able to only rely on ourselves as adults.

Why is it I wonder that many adults, able of body and mind are choosing not to work for a living?

Instead, they are constantly “hounding” others down for money or other material items necessary for survival.

Working for a living is a law of nature.

Money, food, meat, or shelter does not walk over and lay themselves on our tables.

We must go out and gather them = work.

So what’s up with this new mindset of “just being”.

Why the change?

According to — the job market is a whole lot better than it was during the worst of the Great Recession, but around 7 million American men between the ages of 25 and 54 — mostly too old to be in school and too young to retire — are neither working nor looking for work.

That amounts to 12% of all men in those prime working ages.

“They’re not spending any more time on child care, not spending any more time on chores. They are spending a lot more time watching TV than men who are in the labor force,” Furman says.

What’s more, dropping out of the labor force is “associated with depression, with drug use, with suicide, with a range of bad outcomes.” — David Wessel

If they are not providing childcare, looking for work, cooking, or cleaning, what are they doing with their time?

Where is this all leading to?

Why does it seem like some men to have lost a fundamental instinct to provide for themselves and their families?

Have women taken on too much?

Are we willingly raising too many men?

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Women are doing it for themselves

Women have been increasing in the workforce due to economic necessity.

In many respects, we have become the sole breadwinners.

I have supported my family by myself for brief periods during my life and I have no problem working in tandem with my partner for the betterment of our family.

But if they are not disabled in fundamental ways I will not be the sole support for another strong human being.

I teach my children to become productive members of society by relinquishing more of their self-care to them over a period of time.

Why then would anyone keep a partner, who is competent in mind and body but finds more enjoyment in laying on the couch while they go out to labor in the field?

Or feed someone who spends all their time playing video games?

I do not understand this new movement.

And while I commend those who are able to make it work, I know I could never respect anyone who lays on their rump while someone else keeps a roof over their heads and their belly fed.

Like my sister says, if you are not sweating, you should not be eating!


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  1. Provocative and well-penned post Pene❣️❣️

    Your post echoes thoughts rolling around in my head and mostly I think that working at some job or task feels good and keeps us engaged and contributing to the world we live in 🤔🤗

    I believe there is a beneficial factor for every single job that contributes to service and the betterment of our fellow brothers and sisters across the globe❣️🤗

    I agree with Mercy…great food for thought ❤️


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