The Power of Gratitude and Positive Affirmations

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How I used the power of positive affirmations to change my life — you can too!

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Sickness brings desperation

Over two decades ago I first began using the power of positive affirmations and faith to influence my life outcomes.

At the time I was sick and needed to have heart surgery. (Desperation will force you to go seeking something).

I was determined not to die as I had a brand new baby, so I hunkered down under the umbrella of faith, affirmations, and principles found in the bible.

What I discovered was — Hope is really a thing with wings.

I returned home from the hospital a changed human.

For one, I had a significant spiritual encounter (you can read that here).

Two, I had many responsibilities waiting for me.

Once at home, I was not recovering as easily as I expected, with frequent calls to my doctor and bouts with arrhythmias.

At the time I was one of the primary earners. As such I could not lay on my back for long, the bills were piling up.

My husband was doing construction. We lived in New York, it was a cyclic work. My mother lost her job when I gave birth.

So really at the time, no monies were coming in — we all lived together, but no one was really making money.

Coupled with the fact that I was not feeling well, the bills needed paying and I was a new mother.

Something needed to be done and fast!

I refused to give up

I had been brought up with the knowledge of God, but there had no real 

depth to that relationship. I went to church because “they” made me go.

But here I was dying and I needed a savior.

I decided I was going to try God and see if he was real.

I had already begun standing on faith prior to my surgery, but I decided I was going to really try this thing out. I was going to go deep, and either sink or swim.

At that time I did not have much to lose anyway. Conditions were rough.

I happened upon a pastor called Fred Price (recently deceased) and he had a small book of healing scriptures.

He was one of the first persons that I really paid attention to regarding the power of belief.

And so mantras entered my life.

I spoke blessings, health, and prosperity into my life. I say them still, more than twenty years later.

Mantras gave me the power to believe, to get back up, and to do what needed doing.

I internalized that message and I began repeating those affirmations. I said them many times in the course a day. Every time I remembered I repeated them.

I began to believe them in my heart and soul.

Thus whenever I was faced with adversity, I trusted that I would be made whole as well.

I can tell you that I had some spiritual experiences out of this world. I was healed supernaturally and I became financially stable.

Once I got up from that bed of affliction, my life took a turn for the better and I have never looked back.


Soon I went back to work. I had surgery on March 26th and by the month of June, I began working full-time again.

I took the subway and I was still weak as a chicken.

I used the power of belief and faith to put one foot in front of the other on the days I thought I could go no more.

Although I was healed, I still had miles to go before I could rest.

My body had been through a lot and physically need time to recover.

I had lost so much weight I looked skeletal.

I dug even deeper and added the power of visualization. Visualization reinforced my belief every day. I was going to regain every bit of my former glory, then some.

I am living proof that faith, hope, and positive affirmations work.

I became healthy again. Soon I did not need cardiac medications anymore.

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Positive affirmations, mantras, or whatever name you choose to refer to them are a real phenomenon.

It works!

You have to believe that you will receive it, then speak it into your life.

Listen to the words day in and day out, let in ooze into your subconscious at night.

Turn off the TV, tune out the naysayers and let the positive affirmations into your spirit when it is quiet at night.

Since I began making those affirmations more than twenty years ago, I can tell you that I have been so blessed.

Over the years I have added other affirmations to my repertoire.

Today, at the first sign of an illness, I speak life, health, and healing to my spirit.

You can learn to do the same thing too.

Sickness may come, it may give you a fight, it may knock you down for a moment but refuse to stay down.

You can always get back on your feet.

So, find the positive affirmations that speak to you and your situation. Mull them over, study them, internalize them.

Recite them often.

And when life throws you a knock-out punch, get back up and live to fight another day.

Thank you all for reading.

Pene Hodge is a mom, a nurse, a writer. She writes because she must. She loves people and is committed to sharing and gleaning knowledge for the betterment of all.

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  2. Wow! What a wonderful testimonial about faith and living out God’s promises for His children. It reminds me of the verse from scripture, Mark 5:34: “Daughter”, said Jesus, “Your faith has healed you…”


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