A heart shaped rock
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This post is inspired by Ms. Renee of Heart tokens. She loves hearts and sees them in various places and circumstances.

Because of her blog, I have begun taking notice of hearts as well.

This past Monday, Memorial Day, on my morning walk I saw this beauty. A rock in the shape of a heart. Normally I do not pick things off the street, but this was in the middle of the walkway. This path is fairly well-traveled, but I was the only traveler present this morning.

So I bent over and picked this one up happy to have found it.

Thank you Ms. Renee for my newly-opened eyes, I choose to see my new heart as a hello from God.

The significance that I found it on a day we remember those lost fighting for others.

Thank you, Lord, for the many tokens of appreciation in our lives.

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13 thoughts on “Hearts

  1. Oh Pene!!! Thanks so much for sharing this! The fact that it was in the middle of a well-traveled walkway, and you were the only one to notice it, can only mean it was meant for you! A “hello” from God! I love it!💜💜💜God is so so good! Is He not?


  2. nice post. A lot of children where I live have been painting positive messages or just hearts on rocks and leaving them along trails, it’s nice to see. My son picked up a huge oval river rock, I don’t know how he lifted it and he painted it and it’s in my front garden. He calls it a turtle.


  3. Pene, I have always been a collector of unusual rocks, geodes, crystals, pine cones, sea shells, feathers…even a rat skeleton was on display for a while. There is such beauty in nature, and i like to feel connected. My girl scout troupe collected and painted river rocks many years ago. Love your rock! I think it’s a keeper! Take care! ❤


  4. Hello Pene! Wow, that is great! I have collected rocks and minerals since I was a kid and have literally looked at tens of thousands of rocks over the years and never found a heart shaped rock. That is a special gift from God for you! Have a great day and God bless!😀😺


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