Glimpses Of Heaven In Our Periphery

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My friend’s story of love, loss, hope, and faith.

About three days ago I was speaking with a friend of mine. Sadly I had not spoken with her for several months. I think of calling her sometimes, but life always seems to intervene.

So finally she called me, I was at work, but decided to return her call her on the way home.

This is her story.

My friend is 69-years old, she was my boss at one time then we transitioned to a great friendship.

My friend tells me she was ill with pancreatitis for the past two months. Her 25-year-old grandson was ill with pancreatitis at the same time as well.

Pancreatitis is characterized as an inflammation of the pancreas. Our pancreas sits behind the stomach, near the small intestine. It releases enzymes that aids in digestion with a secondary function of regulating how our bodies manage glucose.

My friend (a nurse of over 40+ years), states she was suddenly struck with this dreadful illness and denies any alcohol consumption. Generally, sufferers of pancreatitis often are chronic over-indulgers in alcohol.

She recalls a rough time but eventually made a full recovery.

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Her 25-year-old grandson however did not fare as well. While they were both hospitalized, he developed sepsis. He quickly progressed to organ failure and was placed in a medically-induced coma.

At some point, the doctors decided to wean him off the ventilator and he later had a story to tell.

While intubated, he was in the company of three very close deceased members of his family. He was reoriented to the present but kept asking the date. They told him, June 12th and that’s when he told his family that his dead relatives said they would return for him on June 15th.

The conversation was quickly averted and no one wanted to really delve into what that could really mean.

His recovery continued and though he slept a lot, he remained alert and oriented. My friend, (a nurse), said he would call and speak to her and his grandfather daily and always made perfect sense. He even had her speak to the doctor on his behalf due to her medical knowledge.

The family relaxed thinking all would be well.

Promises kept

On Friday, June 15th my friend received a telephone call from her daughter stating her son had taken a turn for the worse. He had coded, with no blood pressure, a lethal heart rhythm, and no pulse.

They were able to resuscitate him and placed him on a ventilator. It was later determined that he was brain dead. His family then made the heartbreaking decision to remove him from the ventilator.

My friend is currently mourning the loss of her dear grandchild.

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Final thoughts and questions

I comforted my dear friend with the idea that I think God gives all of us what we need to hear, see, feel, and know individually. The many glimpses of God in the periphery of my life have convinced me of his love for us.

The many recounts of life beyond the grave a testimony to our hope in Jesus.

I remain steadfast.

Though she mourns, she feels comforted in the fact that she has lived a long time and has seen many flashes of God’s miracles, she will continue to trust Him.

So my friends, what are your thoughts?

  1. Her grandson recounted an exact return date, what are your thoughts?
  2. What are your thoughts on life after death?
  3. What do you believe about encounters and reports of this type?

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14 thoughts on “Glimpses Of Heaven In Our Periphery

  1. Our God is the God of miracles. We cannot put Him in a box, including the box of our understanding (or lack thereof). He does what He wills. I believe it is very possible that God could have worked in this way.


  2. An amazing story all right — almost too much of a coincidence not to be persuasive evidence of an afterlife. I say ‘almost’ because hardcore skeptics will continue not to believe. It comes down to how much you WANT to believe in an afterlife. I want to very much because life without my wife is hardly worth living; so I for one, partial skeptic though I may be, tend to be swayed by the evidence as relayed by the young man in your story. It also comes down to suspension of disbelief, the kind that many mystery writers require of their readers. So, Pene, thank you for that story, it gives me hope.


    1. Hello my friend, I am happy to hear that.
      You know back in South America we kept our dying at home and stayed awake with with them as they crossed over. I have heard a lot of these stories.
      I know you will be with her again, she will be among the “greeters” when it’s your time.
      I only wish you could tell me how happy you will be.


      1. That’s the problem with the afterlife, if there is one, the lack of communication between the dead and the living. For two years and five months I have been praying in my own way and crying out for some sign or signal or sensation from my wife (or from anyone!) that she is Somewhere (and not nowhere) but I have never received the slightest inkling of any kind of communion. This, of course, is where faith comes in, and faith is damn hard to come by.


      2. I know what you mean. I can feel the pain in your writing. I pray one day out of the blue, you will get a glimpse of your own.


  3. My condolences to your friend on the passing of her grandson.

    We already see glimpses of heaven- in the beauty of the world, in the joy of our relationships, and in the reading of God’s Word.

    St. Catherine of Siena summarized it well when she wrote: ‘All the way to heaven is heaven…🤗


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