We Are Holding On

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Winter Storm 2021

Recently we have been hit with some extreme temperatures. Cold temps with combined wind chill factors of -3° F. It has been cooold in these parts.

We were ill-prepared.

The rolling black outs left us dressed like we lived on the North Pole. Three days and nights without electricity, internet and the ability to stay warm.

I was bored stiff.

For some like myself it was the intermittent electricity and heat. For many others it was total blackout  where people were completely left out in the cold unable to keep their children warm or even fed.

The power situation has left the food spoiling at an alarming rate when many are already facing a dire financial situation and hunger is already too real for so many.

Imagine the horror of watching what little food you have go bad.

A parents’ nightmare.

I have an electrical stove, so with the power gone, that stove is rendered useless. That meant we had to be ready for action, as soon as the power came on in 30-minute increments, you quickly cooked some ramen noodles or heated some water.

Like clockwork the power was cut off way to soon and immediately the house would be plunged into gelid temperatures.

2021 Texas Storm
Image by Author
Texas snow Storm 2021
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The barren whiteness of the outdoors reminded me so much of those Alaska shows I love watching. Suddenly it seemed I was living outside the grid, lol.

A lot more fun as an observer.

2021 Snow StormImage by Author

Snowy Texas StormImage by Author

What the past year have brought to the forefront are the deficits within our systems.

We are ill prepared for any extreme circumstances that last beyond a day it seems.

How in this day and age we are unable to supply adequate power to our customers.

The winter storm while not the norm in Texas was still expected. Yet the roads are not (never) prepared and driving was a nightmare. As evidenced by the 133 car pile-up of last week that left several persons dead or injured.

I spent many an anxious hour on those words trying to get to work and home safely.

Image by Author

The roads were much better yesterday after the second deposit of snow. We were able to drive and the constant stream of traffic left a nice dry trail in the center on most of the common roadways.


On Sunday and Monday the drive was rife with dry snow blowing everywhere, icy conditions that left the weary white-knuckled traveler trudging along at  17 – 23 mph.

Nerves frayed to the breaking point as we struggled to remain vigilant as we constantly reminded ourselves not to instinctively slam on our brakes.

I drove with God’s words reminding me that He manages my going out and my coming in.

I think we have made it through the worse, now back to the times of COVID and the continued work of vaccinations.

Stay safe and stay dry.

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22 thoughts on “We Are Holding On

  1. Sorry, you got some of our weather. It has warmed up here as it’s 40 degrees warmer this morning. only -5 real temperature. Spring is coming. everyone will be prepared down there for next time?


  2. I am keeping you and yours and the other families in Texas in my prayers. The days without electricity in heat really makes a person appreciate all that we have and take for granted. Blessings! 🌺


  3. Pene, you’ve been on my mind and in my prayers this week as I’ve seen and heard the reports from Texas. I’m glad you’re okay and I hope the end of the misery in your state will soon end. I felt guilty tonight as I ate dinner, knowing millions of people in Texas are in dire need of food, water, and heat. I was thinking, “This is all Pene needed while fighting a pandemic!” Take care, and I hope your house will soon be warm and your electricity will be restored full-time. You and your family remain in my prayers.


    1. Lol. you had me smiling with your dinner comment. I also felt guilty as I thought of others who were suffering. These things should not be happening in our country and certainly not in this day and time.
      Thank you for your prayers.


  4. You are a remarkable example of the indomitable human spirit. I’m humbled by you and your experiences❤️🤗

    Blessings to you and your family and everyone affected by these unexpected winter storms❣️🙏


  5. I am so sorry to hear about the bad weather and power outage. You are so right that we are ill-prepared for these disasters. I pray that the storm will pass and the power will return. Stay safe and may the Lord continues to protect you.


  6. hey 😊… the situation must be so serious for you to have blackouts there… the absence of light is quite normal in Nigeria where corruption holds sway…I hope the situation improves and you end up looking back at it as a thing of the past, hopefully not to be experienced again


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