Forward Fridays #2


An "I am a woman..." inspirational stickers
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Good morning my fellow WP friends and family. How is everyone holding up?

In keeping with my Forward Fridays theme, I wanted to highlight that while so much is happening in our world right now, women have been quietly assuming the reigns of control.

The power of womanhood has been created for such a time as this and we are steadily and continuously rising to the top of the ladder, finally!

Many parts of the world, previously with a male stronghold are surprisingly relinquishing leadership roles to women. There have never been this many women Presidents, Vice Presidents, and other Leaders as in our time.

Here is a link to Forbes 100 most influential women.

One thing is glaringly obvious, God is doing work on the Earth.

While we travail through this time of much unrest and uncertainty, we look towards the author and finisher of our faith — Jesus.

Let us continue to trust Him, be kind to ourselves and each other.

Stay well, stay safe

Peace and blessings!

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8 thoughts on “Forward Fridays #2

  1. Wishing you blessings on this Friday in January! You are so right…we must practice kindness to ourselves and each other. A spirit of kindness can change the world. And yes, we must trust God at all times. He is always working on our behalf, no matter the time or place.


  2. Always enjoy your posts Pene❣️

    Excellent encouragement for striving towards our potential πŸ”₯

    And I just love the positive words in the sticky notes 😍


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