Memories of New York

Things lost in relocation — A nostalgic look back!

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I arrived in N.Y. from South America several decades ago. It was a February day, cold and snowing. Matter of fact my trip began in the Caribbean island of Antigua and I recall the coldness that permeated the aircraft as we entered the northern hemisphere. We touched down at JFK airport and my soul came home — I fell in love! This is where I was born to be!

It was a glorious February day and a boon to a person who had spent their young days always sweating profusely. I did not know what the ailment was called at that time (hyperhidrosis). I just knew I was always hot and sweating when others were dry and seemed perfectly comfortable.

I began visiting Texas since I had family her, but the heat was always a big problem for me. After my first visit I learned that if I were to survive here I had better visit during the winters. And for many years that’s just what I did.

Then in 2010 some life changes were happening and I decided to change my status from visitor to resident. So I trekked on over with bits of my life leaving the bulk of it, both literally and figuratively behind.

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                                     Our first day as Texas residents …

Photo credit: justpene2010 (my Snookums was not yet born)

Gee and I began working at a large hospital with a super busy ER. I needed to get outside to take a break or just to breathe sometimes. The sun hitting the back of my neck as I walked to my car convinced me I could not live here.

The heat!!! Dear God the heat! I was convinced hell was housed in the south.

But I rallied on and some 10 years later here I remain. My recent trip to NY…my   one- time stomping grounds did fill me with some nostalgia.

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Things I feel I lost:

1. Shopping …nothing beats N.Y. fashion (and I was a fashionable girl).

2. The cold … I love the cold! It is currently summer here in New York but I recall how much I loved winters here, my favorite time of year. The magic and mystery of it all.

3. The FOOD — the best cuisines from every single culture is offered in its authentic self in N.Y. The competition is steep and your presentation and taste has to be on point to even make the cut as there are so many others to choose from.

4. The sounds  — N.Y. is not a quiet city. It rumbles, shouts and rages in a continuous circle…the city never sleeps after all.

5. The people and the fashion — new Yorkers live a life on their own terms.

6. The air of excitement and the busy air of passers by. New Yorkers always seem so busy living life. 

Photo by Patrick Robert Doyle on Unsplash

New Yorkers dance to the beat of their own drums, I envy that, a little. They conform to and for no one. Their fashion tastes are their own and they make no apologies for their choices. I was once one of those New Yorkers with my own sense of fashion complete with the colored hair. 

I realize you lose things in relocation. Texas is now my home but I will always be a New York kinda girl!

This nostalgic trip down memory lane does not mean I am planning to relocate … I just mourn (more like just a little cry) for things I lost that I once had.

May God continue to watch over us all! Be safe!



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16 thoughts on “Memories of New York

  1. I visited New York a few times. And I agree Pene, there is something about us from the tropics that New York lingers in the soul as a welcoming home. Cheers. Stay cool in Texas… I lived there too… I understand totally.


    1. Ms Suzette, you’ve been a world traveller…how fun!!
      I have relatives in Canada but have only visited once, about 25 yrs ago we drove for Caribana.


  2. Hi, Pene, i can relate to this. I have lived in Florida for 25 years, and i like it here, but I will always be nostalgic for the Blue ridge Mountains of Virginia! Hope you are doing well! Take care. Cheryl


  3. Neat ! My Mom’s Mom was born in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Her brother, Uncle Ted moved from Bay Ridge to Texas and married a Texas girl ( Aunt Polly). When you talked to them, they both talked to you at the SAME time, always. Not just finishing each other’s sentences, but, they would combine and intertwine sentences, and then go on their own tangents, all while the other was talking, too ! It was hilarious ! And it did not take long to get used to this, and you where able to understand what both said to you………I lived in NYC, mostly in Brooklyn, but was in Astoria Queens for 5 years, some time in Inwood and lower east-side, and Norwood Bronx. All burroughs except Staten Island from 97 to 2016, I wish I could of stayed, but it just became to expensive…… What part of Brooklyn are you from and stay ?


    1. I know all those areas. I have lived in Brooklyn, Bedsty in the early days, then Springfield Gardens, Queens, then I moved to North Woodmere in Long Island before Texas. That photo was of Pitkin, a shopping strip in Brooklyn.


  4. Oh I so understand where you are coming from. One of my best vacations to date is when my hubs and I spent Christmas on fifth ave. This was before kids so the charm of running about carefree too was quite appealing. That said, I can never see me living in that city, just because I don’t know how will I raise babies there. It’s beautiful and full of abundance though!!! a heartbeat.


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