Social Distancing Reaches New Heights!

Rosemary Arends, right, a nurse and flight attendant for South African Airways, checking the temperature of a passenger before a charter flight from Miami International Airport.
Image credit: The New York Times

Last month I wrote a post posing the question, “are we losing our freedoms?“. At the time It was just based on my own imaginings and thought processes. But a few of those things are fast becoming a reality. Yesterday I saw an article that a few many major airlines are taking a stance against the spread of COVID-19. It will not be long before others follow suit.

Requiring masks

Airlines require masks for ALL employees and travellers. Temperature checks are also a requirement. Persons are encouraged to check in using the kiosks, phones, computers and any and all electronic tools in line with continuing with the policies of social distancing.

According to Airlines for America , all passengers are required to wear a face mask throughout the journey.

Delta and United are issuing warnings that for the “rogue” crown who either do not want to wear facemasks or wears them only to ditch them once aboard the flight. These rogue passengers may be removed from the flight if possible or risk being placed on their “restricted” travel list. These rules take effect June 18th.

Airplanes are fitted with hepa filters, similar to the ones used in the healthcare facilities and these filter and destroy microbes to the tune of 99.97%. So there is some protection, but that should not give the rogue crowd carte blanche to sit next to anyone without a mask as we will be surely sharing microbes.

Temperature checks

Airlines are in favor of doing temperature checks and Frontier and Air Canada are already leading the way. Travellers will have to submit themselves to having their temperatures checked and will not be permitted to board if your temperature is above 100.4° at first check, you will be given some time to rest. Then a second check will be done. If it again records at 100.4° you will not be permitted to travel that day.

This will not be done by touch but will use infrared and thermal thermometers (see above pic.), in upkeeping the social distance standards.

On Frontier you are required to complete a health acknowledgement form stating that neither yourself or any known members of your immediate circle has had symptoms of COVID-19 within the recent 14-days and this form is required prior to check-in. You will also acknowledge and agree to their new policies with regards to use of masks and your submission for temperature checks.

Requesting a bathroom break — reminiscent of school days.


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The pièce de résistance – on Ryanair you have to make a request to use the bathrooms!!! They are trying to prevent lines forming while you wait to use the lavatory (I can see how this makes some sense, but the public may not like it). It also prevents persons standing next to you and breathing all over you while waiting on line.

Planes will be boarded from the back to the front and currently not by “class” as was typically done. The center seats are currently unoccupied and this is in keeping with the CDC’s guidelines.

While I do see that we are losing some autonomy, I submit to the policies freely at this time as the needs of the many should always outweigh the needs of the few. We must submit to these policies so that we can keep COVID-19 at bay as much as possible and a hope to return to normalcy as soon as possible.

We must remain cognizant of the sacrifices of frontliners and their families in the fight against this evil and do ALL must do our part to horor their bravery and sacrifice.

The Department of Transportation is leaving the planning up to the airlines but will support their policies.


God bless us. Amen!


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  1. We should act wisely and follow the CDC guidelines to the best of our ability (wash our hands,good hygiene, use hand sanitizer) while trusting God during unprecedented times.


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