Update: COVID-19 Hits Home

Grief & Loss (1)Good day my dears. Hope we are all staying safe during this time.

I wanted to touch base with the sad news that Gee’s brother passed away while on the ventilator 2 mornings ago. So so sad, he was healthy, no medical issues at all. Yet he succumbed to this awful disease.

His sister was discharged and is slowly getting better. She is so so torn up about the death of her brother compounded with the fact that they lived together.

At this time there will not be a burial as NY state will not release the bodies of persons who met their demise due to this awful epidemic but will cremate same and present the family with some remains (ashes).

While this practice is necessary at this time, I feel that mental health of survivors will be an issue in the upcoming months as there was never an opportunity for closure. Your family member leaves for the hospital then you never see them again, they.

But I do not want to ignorant brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope … Thanks be to out Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that we have the hope of salvation and forever.

Please pray for Gee and family during this very very difficult time.

God’s peace on us all.

Thank you!

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60 thoughts on “Update: COVID-19 Hits Home

      1. Sad Days, these, Gifted 50, Sad days indeed………I thank you for faithfully following my posts on Word Press, I would venture a guess that it is hotter than hell there in Texas, and I would bet you are putting in long hours taking care of your patients, God Bless YOU sister…..I am going to write another post on word press tonight and see if I can stir folks up a bit, while they are sitting there at home…..Captive Audience! I want you to know the Alaska Man is thinking of YOU…….


      2. Is that you my friend. Always happy to hear from you my dear. Always makes me smile and lots of food for thought.
        Stay warm… and keep em stirred up, lololol.


  1. Terrible horrible news. I hit the like button but it was only as a show of support. I know in Canada we include in our prayers and thoughts the people in the USA also.


      1. My situation is different than other parts of Canada as I live in a small city, 34,000 people and so medical care is excellent, no problems. The testing station was idle when I rode by on my bike. I need be extra cautious and so except for bike riding I am at home. I don’t go shopping and neither does anyone in my home. We have friends who help who understand that my transplant drugs to fight rejection also leave my immune system suppressed.
        In bigger centres like in Montreal I imagine it is a whole different situation.
        Like the USA – there is a whole range of situations.


  2. I too am very sorry to hear you have lost a brother-in-law (?) to the coronavirus. There are no words at a time of such senseless loss. May you sense God’s continual presence, guiding you through each day and surrounding you in His gracious love.


  3. Good morning. First, my condolences for your family’s loss. I know losing someone is hard in any circumstances, this is made even harder without the ability to say goodbye or mourn properly. Second, I am sending prayers of healing for all of you. May the Lord see you all through this time. May the Lord see us all through this time. Virtual hugs of support for you and yours.


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