COVID-19: To A City Near Me!

As of yesterday, there have been six (6) confirmed cases of COVID-19 in my immediate area in Dallas. I do not want to beat a dead horse as I see many daily postings on the virus. But since COVID-19 has decided to visit a city near me, I thought it prudent to make mention.

What you need to know;

At mine and many other healthcare facilities, N-95 masks are becoming scarce, there have been reports of N-95 mask thefts at several such facilities as folks are running scared.

What To Do Now

Remain vigilant, disinfect busy surfaces in your surroundings often, door handles, toilets, counter surfaces, etc.

  • If possible carry hand sanitizer and use often, rub hands until dry
  • Avoid crowds and public spaces as you are able
  • Wear a mask if you are sick or in public if at all possible
  • Stay at least 6 feet from strangers and ill persons.
  • Wash hands often with soap and warm water for 20 seconds (sing the happy birthday song as a timer)
  • Cover your cough and sneeze
  • In the short-term avoid persons with travel to the “hot spots”, see link here;

Epidemiologists indicate that the virus has a long incubation and infection period when compared to the influenza. COVID-19 also appears to spread easier that the common flu, and with the CDC changing its algorithm by the hour, it would stand to reason that they themselves have no real data on this virus.

How to Sanitize Your Spaces

  • Mix 5 tablespoons (1/3rd cup) bleach per one gallon of water. (Do not mix bleach with ammonia or other household cleaners).
  • Use a well-ventilated room
  • Use approved cleaners as recommended, see link below.

Symptoms appear to be similar to the flu, with fever>102, a cough and lower respiratory presentation.


If you are older >65 years, very young or have severe underlying chronic medical conditions; heart disease, lung/respiratory disease, diabetes or any other chronic illness, you may be at higher risk for developing more serious complications from COVID-19.

Visit the EPA’s link for more approved cleaning products;

The CDC expects more cases to be identified in the U.S. with more widespread testing and increased numbers of person-to-person transfers.

No need to panic, just apply common sense practical caution.

Again be vigilant, pray and stay well.


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46 thoughts on “COVID-19: To A City Near Me!

  1. Just a small tip: For many viruses, including the flu (and this virus too I would think) hand washing with warm water and soap actually removes virus particles more effectively than hand sanitizer. I think this one piece of information might be the one least people are aware of, and therefore one of the most valuable to spread. 🙂 So, as you say in your list; Wash your hands often, for about the duration of two “Happy birthday”.


  2. Thanks for the informative post. Covid-19 has spread so quickly and has already reached my small community too. I’m happy Ireland is taking a proactive approach before things get bad here. Stay well!


    1. We actually had a suspected case yesterday, we cannot test so we don’t know for sure, just send home to self-quarantine and record symptoms and report.


      1. I have been told the pharmacies will be selling testing kits here in the US that will be a drive through to pick up, then go home to test..then self-quarantine and report to hospitals for worsening symptoms. If symptoms are mild, just supportive care at home.


    1. Do be careful my dear friend. We had a suspected case at work 2 days ago that I had to care for. We cannot test for it, so just supportive therapy….I am isolating myself from my children, not too much physical contact as I am not sure if the patient had it or not. My 72 y/o mother lives with me, so I keep my distance.


      1. Thanks gifted50. I’m ‘up and ‘about’ these days – not on the run as such but ‘running around’ my city, restlessly checking which public places ie libraries, shops, cafes and churches are open, that’s all. And there is none whatsoever except uni. library which closes at 4pm – new regime, it is normally open 24hrs, 7 days of the week. Doing all this while at the same time I’ve got to take precautions. Hey! I hope you are well, and your family and friends as well. God Bless you always.


  3. My dear, you are not beating a dead horse. The more information we share about this virus, the better for us. Over the past weeks I have been reading extensively to write an article which will be published today, March 15th at 4pm.

    Since doing this research I have learned a lot of things. It is simply amazing. It became obvious that we are not getting all the truth about this virus. Hence, it is important that we read extensively and allow God to direct us to the truth. Thank you for sharing this information.


    1. I had a patient at work 4 days ago who travelled to California, came in with a cough and low grade fever…we are mot testing at this time so we have no way of knowing. His symptoms were mild and he presented with a N-95 mask, thank God he was responsible. Sent him home to self monitor.

      You know ever since I had heart surgery and learned the principles of God and how he works and how we are expected to live as believers. I say blessings over my and my family’s life “almost” everyday. I can tell you it works. Psalm 91:10 no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come nigh they dwelling. I speak health, peace and prosperity over our lives.
      We will be well, speak it, believe it. I am not afraid, not caught up in panic, but will practice common sense.


    2. I did not mean to write an essay. Looking forward to reading your work on the virus.
      Everyday I hear so much at work. I was gowned up going in to deal with the patient and my bosses and infection control watching from beyond the locked doors.


      1. When you work in the medical facilty we have to take special percaution. I myself work at a medical center. We will continue to pray for each other.


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